Bowtell Farm Shop is proud to support Broadlands Group in their aim is to raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Centre located in Medstead. The idea is, you are invited to a meal, involving bangers and whilst there you meet some other great people, have a pleasant meal, make new friends, have a good chat etc. etc. and donate £5 to Broadlands RDA. Then you go away and invite the relevant number of guests, one less than the number at the meal with you, to your own Bangers for Broadlands. The further down the chain you are the easier it gets as the number of guests reduces. We will start off with 6 so by the 5th layer you only need 2 guests.

What does Broadlands get from it?

Money - Broadlands raise every penny they need each year to provide over 1,000 therapeutic rides for disabled riders.

Awareness - Broadlands doesn't want to be the best kept secret, They need people to know of the fabulous work Broadlands has achieved over the last 55 years and hopefully gather some new friends and helpers on the way

Bowtell Farm Shop Support - Any customer providing the Broadlands discount coupon will receive a 10% discount on sausages purchased from Bowtell Farmshop. Bowtells offers a wide range of quality sausages which will help to make your bangers for Broadlands meal even more enjoyable.

For more information vistit Broadlands web site