Bowtell's Farm

The first Bowtell arrived in East Tisted near Alton in Hampshire to take over Home Farm in 1910. Born in Chawton, Percy Bowtell set about creating a family farm with 12 cows, pigs and sheep and 60 acres of corn. The cows were hand-milked and the milk was transported to the local dairy in Alton. The introduction of EC milk quotas in 1984 only allowed for 1983 levels of production. To compensate in a small way we opened the first farm shop a fridge in the corner of the dairy for self-service of milk and cream (still fondly remembered by some of our customers), and an open jug for payment!

Photo: Dave Bowtell, Trudie Bowtell, Ronnie Crumplin & Toby Bowtell

In 1992, as a result of new EC regulations on milk and dairy products, we sold our dairy herd of 30 cows concentrating instead on creating a farm shop dedicated to home-reared beef, pork and lamb.