Free Range Pork

We can supply a full range of superb flavoured farmshop fresh pork with crackling, and every week we dry-cure our own bacon the old-fashioned way, and produce our own sliced cured ham.

Please note that we often pack our fresh meat in vacumn bags. These products have a life span of approximately five days from the date of purchase if they are kept refridgerated below 5 degrees celcius and the seal remains unbroken. They may also be frozen at minus 18 degrees celcius for six month.

On opening any any of our vacumn packed meat you may find a stronger smell than you are ordinarily used to. THIS IS NORMAL and is due to the removal of air and will disappear if left uncovered.

As all our meat is home reared naturally, the amount available for sale in the shop is limited to what we can produce on the farm. THEREFORE WE STRONGLY ADVISE OUR CUSTOMERS TO BOOK ALL LARGE JOINTS, A WEEK IN ADVANCE.