Bowtell Family Sausages


Sausages are £10.25 per kilo

Meat Content in excess of 60%

All the sausages and Burgers are hand-made at the Farm Shop from our home reared additive free pork, beef and lamb. Natural hog casings are used for the sausages.

As our sausages and burgers contain no colourings or preservatives, they should be cooked within 24 hours of thawing.

Product DescriptionPrice per Kilo
Bacon, Egg and TomatoPlease Telephone
Pork and GarlicPlease Telephone
Pork and HerbPlease Telephone
Pork and ApplePlease Telephone
Pork and CranberryPlease Telephone
Pork, Tomato and BasilPlease Telephone
Pork, Honey and MustardPlease Telephone
Pork, Sage and OnionPlease Telephone
Lamb and RosemaryPlease Telephone
Lamb, Apricot and AlmondPlease Telephone
Cumberland HerbPlease Telephone
Pork and CheesePlease Telephone