Roast Gammon


All products required for this recipe are available from the Bowtell's Farm Shop.

We use a Roaster Bag to cook our gammon (available in the Farm Shop 75p per bag)

Pre-heat your oven to 150° C
Rinse your joint.

Place in roaster bag and tie loosely. You can add herbs and seasoning of your choice but NO salt.

Put bag and joint in roasting tin and place in oven.

Cooking times:
We recommend 45mins per kilo so a two kilo joint should take approximately 1½ hours. Please note that these times are assuming the joint is cooked in a roaster bag.

Take out of the oven carefully and leave to rest for a few minutes. Undo bag and remove joint for carving.

We recommend serving with mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and parsley sauce.