Bowtell Steaks


All our beef animals are Hereford-cross, born on Chris Snow's farm at Stroud, and brought to us at about 10 days old. Their mothers are milked by Chris, (he and David Bowtell went to college together in the 22160222s), and the calves are hand-reared at Home Farm by Fourth Generation Toby Bowtell. Chris Snow traditionally farms his cows with grass silage feed and natural grazing. Calves are kept in the great barn and fed milk substitutes, GM calf free nuts, sugar beet shreds and hay and reared in family groups until they are 12 weeks old when they are moved on to haylage, sugar beet nuts and molassed minerals. After this you will see them grazing in the parks until they are 20 months old. They will then be housed in our barns where they are fed on our own grass silage balanced by beef nuts (containing no medicated feed or growth promoters) to the end of the cycle. At no time do they receive any GM soya or maize. Again, we offer a full range of beef products, traditionally hung to improve flavour and tenderness.

Steaks - packs of 2 (approx. 200g each steak) per kilo (1kilo = 2.2lbs)
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