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Bowtell's Farm Shop
East Tisted
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Telephone: 01420 588418
Email: sales@bowtellfarmshop.co.uk

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Bowtell familyThe first Bowtell arrived in East Tisted near Alton in Hampshire to take over Home Farm in 1910. Born in Chawton, Percy Bowtell set about creating a family farm with 12 cows, pigs and sheep and 60 acres of corn.

Our farming philosophy is not to use any modern anti-biotic growth promoters or medicated food. We farm in a traditional, free-range mode, with animals grazing on semi-permanent grass in rolling parkland, with trees for shade.

In the coldest part of winter the animals are housed in the barns on straw, with the main diet being our own grass silage and hay with minerals.

LambsAt the end of the cycle we minimise any stress on our animals with short journey times and familiar handling: we take them in our own trailer to a family-owned abattoir at 7am on a Monday. They arrive at 8am and are processed immediately. We know the men well, and are 110% satisfied with their high skills and hygiene levels.

You can assess the results of our farming practices through the range of high-quality products available to you and enjoy the taste of food produced in the traditional way.